video works

Inventur, HD Video, Duration: 2’23”, 2015/2018



On a line, HD Video, Duration: 1’58”, 2015


Untitled, Kiev 2014, HD Video, Duration: 4’57”, 2014



Kiev, Spring 2014, Videoinstallation with four screens, DVD Video, Russian/Ukrainian with german or english subtitles.


The events of early spring 2014 in Ukraine are the starting point for this video project. Different video sequences will be presented on four screens that are varying in style and duration. All are taken shortly after the occupation of Crimea by russian soldiers and the following Crimea-referendum in March 2014.
The sequences shows men who see themselves as fighters of the maydan movement. While standing in front of the camera they enjoy the situation of being filmed and present themselves in many ways handling with the crisis. Consciously and unconsciously, thereby they use different role models of men.
For instance, one can follow two men in what appears to be a guided tour through the main square in Kiev, the Maydan, the „Battlefield“. In front of the tents there is a conversation about the unofficial alcohol ban on the Maydan. Next scene is inside a forest, at the gates of Kiev, a fireplace becomes the place where the thoughts, opinions of a fighter and a female musician meet. Moreover in a last scene, in the occupied city hall of Kiev, one guy is speaking about burning cameras as the best way to get rid of prohibited filming.
Especially the last scene reflects the own limits of this cineastic approach of the events on the Maydan. The spectator will experience this as well through the arrangement of the monitors in the exhibition space, which follows an geographic order of the shooting points. A total picture of the work is not possible to achieve from one single point and thus, to fully discover the work the spectator is required to change his position.


Screen I: Maydan, the Battelfield

Duration 14,55 min., DVD-Video, Russian/ Ukraine, german or english subtitle


– From the right side they are calling for petrol.
– Yes, with Vitya we stood right there!
– And me…
– You can turn on the cam, i‘ll show you where the place of my battle was, my battlefield, my place of defence, my place of confrontation.
– And I, i was there!
– I‘ll show you all, look 10 meters more to the left!
– So i‘ll show you where it was.
– Ok, come on!
– And me, i wanted to climb over the fence, and all the others said: Are you crazy?
– An Ikarus-bus burned down here.
– They will shoot you completedly down.
– And i wanted to get over the fence…
– From…
– From where appeared this fucking guy with his petrol can?…(excerpts)

Screen II: In front of the tents

Duration 3,55 min. DVD-Video, Russian/ Ukraine, german or english subtitles



– I longing for my home, Crimea.
– Because, i am from Crimea and now i can‘t go there anymore.
– This is i really longing for.
– Everything else is ok. Everything will change to the better.
– Beer, i want to drink beer.
– The whole time i have been on the maydan, i drank only vodka…never beer…
I like usually to drink beer…
but as long as we where busy with the revolution…
it was like a war…
you didn‘t drink, because you didn‘t wanted to fall into the arms of the enemy.
So it wasn‘t easy.
But as soon as the enemy disappeared…



Screen III: In a forest at the border of Kiev

Duration 16:44 min., DVD-Video, Russian/ Ukraine, german or english subtitles


-Do you see, how our wishes get materialized? We wanted yesterday a campfire, here we have it!
– Yeah, there will be a great campfire…this the way we live, everything happens spontaneously
– People without future.
– Yes.
– There exists just the moment right now, the present time.
– Yes, every day again and again.
– These days i often have to think about this – it‘s somehow buddhistic – you need to live the today‘s day, and you need to enjoy it maximal.
-You know, Masha, that exactly that, i told to the boys in my hospital room. The boys, lay in there beds, sick and dull minded. I speak to them, why are you sleeping? Outside the sun is shining, let‘s get outside! There we will smoke, sit and chat a bit. How long you can stay in this terrible mood?
– You‘ll loose your whole live sleeping.
– So come on guys, quickly on the balcony!
And we went there and we started to speak to each other. Everyone was somehow happy.
May before it was the whole day the same: We take the pills and go to bed.


Screen IV: In the occupied city hall

Duration 3,24 min., DVD-Video, Russian/ Ukraine, german or english subtitles


– You threw it in the ton?
– In the ton.
– And whose?
– From a reporter! He took pictures there, and i didn‘t likes this.
– I took the cam and threw it in the ton. and the other one..
– But what what reporter it was? Some foreign?
– A russian one. – And the other on came to look what‘s going on here.
– So i took also his cam…
– Yeah man!
– He wanted to take exclusive material: a reporters cam is burning! So i took also his cam.
– Then there are two other guys with their microphones. They too had to say good bye to their stuff!