Ma Maison, ta maison

(2015) mixed materials

A lot of stuff, but mostly space and air.


5-channel-sound-installation with 26 min loudspeakers in 5 bird cages and 2 headphones in collaboration with Tobias Klich,


The bird catcher came back and is ready to present his exotic foundlings. In his collection are also some really rare examples. Already Robert Schumann tried in his famous piano piece „bird as prophet“ to capture the singing of this special kind of birds into music. Here you can see now the originals!

In this sound-installation the relation between art and nature is reflected in a special way. Robert Schumann‘s “in art transformed” bird voices (from his piano piece “bird as prophet”) are fragmented, digitally manipulated, filtered, transposed, played in different speeds and multiple combined simultaneously. These always changing motives, clustered in groups, are thrown back into nature threw a lot of miniature loudspeakers installed in individual designed bird cages.

As visitor you can move free between the sound sources, which are positioned in big distances and so apparently acting independent of each other but in same time you can listen to the closely connected communication of them and the

composed diffusions of the sound in the room. The different and unforeseeable long breaks between the individual events make it possible to listen to the sounds of the environment.

As a kind of commentary you can hear through two external headphones the isolated text of the bird catcher of Mozart‘s “Zauberflöte”, read by a computer voice and with granular synthesis extreme artificial manipulated fragments of the corresponding music.

The border between art and nature becomes in this way insecure and opens the social and public space for new views.


2 telephones

2014, 2 gdr telephones